Paul & Joe Beaute

Sparkling eyeshadow

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Oil-rich gel base delivers a wet-look that harmonizes with the subtle, soft hues. Designed to be applied with your fingertips for beautiful feather-light, sheer results. Spreads smoothly and can be layered at will. Gradations between shades can be achieved effortlessly, with hues gaining saturation and radiance the more they are layered. Colors that stay free of dullness and muddiness even when layered.
Fits the skin snugly to form a flexible layer that stays crease-free on the constantly moving skin around the eyes. Hues with excellent color pay-off stay immaculate for long hours.
Available in 5 shades:
#01- Sieste d'un chat --> Light camel × Fresh green
#02- Il faut beau --> Sky blue × Sparkling white
#03- Spoiled cat --> Warm brown × Peach pink
#04- Baillement --> Sunny orange × Bronze gold
#05- Ronron --> Sunshine gold × Reddish brown

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