Aqua Detox Serum

Aqua Detox Serum

Detoxifying and moisturizing serum from BioMD

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INNOVATION - giving the appearance of:
• Detox: Purisoft® detoxifies and protects the skin against environmental stressors and free radicals
• Moisturising: filling cracks in dryer skin, retaining the outer layer of the skin intact
• Good for acne-prone skin: Citric acid treats uneven skin tone, unclogs pores, helps in reducing wrinkles

The tree of life or miracle tree (Moringa oleifera, horseradish tree), native to India, provides the basis for the ingredient Purisoft® with its seeds. The family of Moringaceae is cultivated in all the tropical and subtropical areas of the world. It is considered the „miracle tree“, because most of its parts can be used in pharmacological products and food. Purisoft®, due to its light molecular weight and its cationic behaviour, displays some exciting qualities. It protects the skin cells against environmental stressors as well as detoxifying and cleaning the skin through the elimination of contaminative particles.

Pulver of the seeds from the horseradish tree is used for example in the reconditioning of drinking water. Pure Detox moisturises the skin and protects it abilities against environmental stressors and free radicals due to its anti-oxidative abilities.

How to use: Apply mornings and evenings to cleansed face as the first step of your skin care ritual. Then apply Aqua Detox Face Cream to achieve even more effective results.

30 ml / 1.0 fl oz

Biomed goal is to create trendy products supported by clinical trials. Biomed products and ranges are to cover the treatment of a varierty of specific skin issues, as well as the daily care of our skin.

Biomed was launched to combine pharmacy-quality natural ingredients with a clean design to make natural skin care fashionable and reliable, so it´s easy to make a switch towards a healthier and responsible choice.
Biomed promote the benefits of natural skincare and of a healthier lifestyle for ourselves and our children, while raising awareness on the ingredients contained in beauty products and on their possible implications on the health, so that people can make more informed choices.
Biomed want people to know that there is an alternative without compromises when it comes to the care of our skin - coming from nature, non tested on animals, and just as effective!

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