Harcourt Studio Paris

HARCOURT - Room Fragrance

An elegant and sensual fragrance,a contemporary design. Harcourt Studio Paris immortalizes the spirit of its mythical studio in a candle and an interior perfume.

46,00 € tax incl.

Synonymous of beauty and atmosphere, where every detail shows an exceptional taste, the collection was created for a refined and sophisticated clientele, passionate about photography and about the mythical studio.


In the living room or in a conference room, in the bathroom, the soft vibrations of its aromas redefine the harmony of any room.


Created by Fabrice Olivieri, a French perfume creator, this fragrance takes you back to the Art deco era, where beauty is made of luxury and modernity. The fragrance reminds you of Asia for its ginseng scents and tropical woods, and of England for its felted scents of its libraries.


SCENT DESCRIPTION Spicy and fruity.

The scent is composed of : Plum, cinnamon, ginger, ginseng, honey, leather, sandalwood, cashmere wood and white musk.

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