Paul & Joe Beaute

Pearl Foundation Primer - Autumn 2019

Pearl foundation primer 2019 from Paul & Joe Beaute

32,00 € tax incl.

Contains 30 ml / 1.0 fl oz
Eye-catching cute foundation primer containing three shades of pearl balls shaped to resemble grapes.

The colors—inspired by various colorations of red and white wines—evens skin tone to create a beautiful complexion.

Rich amounts of pearl materials give radiance and clarity to the skin, creating a healthy and glowing complexion.

The gel-like texture, formulated through a combination of moisturizers in the base, creates a hydrating coat on the skin’s surface. The skin is left looking dewy and supple, as if it were recharged with a bounty of moisture.

A smooth, even coat covers the skin to help foundation better adhere and last through the day.

Pinot Noir created a naturally soft and glowy complexion

Muscadet evens skin tone and reduces redness to make your skin look fresh and flawless

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