Paul & Joe Beaute

Lip Crayon

Beautiful colors, exquisite contouring, and tempting volume for your lips.

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Twist-up lip crayons that adorn the lips with semi-matte hues. The perfect texture for both contouring and filling, these Lip Crayons beautifully define lips for a plump, voluminous look.
The creamy consistency spreads effortlessly thanks to a combination of oil-based ingredients that dissolve at body temperature. Stress-free and easily interchangeable as a lipstick or lip liner.
Locks moisture in thanks to a close-fitting product base combined with an array of emolliating oils and active ingredients. Free of any of the dryness commonly associated with semi-matte lipsticks, and delivers a sophisticated semi-matte look suggestive of well-moisturized lips. “Color lasting oil” containing the pigment stays on the lips hours on end, keeping the just-applied immaculate finish intact.

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