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PAUL & JOE - Lipstick Doraemon 004


For brilliantly complementing your smile. Doraemon lipsticks in vivid, delicately shimmering colors.

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An unfailingly smile-inducing secret gadget: PAUL & JOE’s second series of gorgeous shimmering Doraemon lipsticks.

Back with added glitz and fun is the Doraemon lipstick series, which created enormous buzz when it first appeared in 2019. Each lipstick has a Doraemon’s face molded into the center. Offered in a cute tube with Dorami smiling merrily on the top, the product is sure to become a secret gadget that brings a smile each time you use it
The center of each lipstick is a shimmering Lip Color with excellent color payoff and dewy gloss. The surrounding outer layer is a Lip Base formulated to enhance the fit of the Lip Color. Both cute and high-performing, the lipstick delivers vivid colors with delicate shimmer that remain glossy and immaculate, hour after hour.
Available in 3 colours:

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