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Christmas 2020 collection with Doreamon and Dorami


Doraemon and Dorami now feature in a Paul & Joe coffret packed with goodies for looking lustrous and dazzling during the winter months.

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Offered in a special package featuring Doraemon and Dorami against a ditsy floral print is a coffret containing PAUL & JOE makeup products for bringing dramatic beauty to your winter look. Doraemon and Dorami’s happiness-inducing limited-edition coffret is a delight to own and use 

The coffret contains:

- A moisturizing Foundation Primer S 01 (15ml, SPF15 PA)
PAUL & JOE’s highly rated moisturizing serum primer is offered in a special mini bottle adorned with a Dorami charm. The makeup primer pampers winter skin with serum-like generous hydrating benefits, leaving the skin overflowing with translucency and natural-looking sheen.

- An illuminating Pressed Powder 001 (3g)
PAUL & JOE’s Illuminating Face Powder in a new pressed powder formula. The product contains light-harnessing lavender pearlescence for banishing dullness to bring translucency, brightness, sculpted depth and sheen to the visage. This very special luster-inducing face powder is offered in a cute package that makes the product a delightful accompaniment to the holiday season.

- A Powder Blush D 001 (4g)
A coral pink blush inspired by the cheeks of Dorami, offered in a special package featuring Doraemon and Dorami at their merriest. Promising featherlight cuteness for the cheeks, the product is embossed with a design of a sweet, smiling Dorami, a detail that is sure to brighten up any day

- A Reversible Pouch
With cute designs on both the outside and inside, the pouch can be turned inside out or vice versa, allowing you to enjoy whichever design suits your mood, no matter how finicky or capricious
(Size: Approx. W150 × H120 × D35 mm)

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