Biomed - Ingrow Gone - Ingrown Hair Removal - 90 ml

Ingrown hair removal from Biomed

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Waxing and shaving can cause ingrown hairs. This happens when hairs grow sideways into the skin. Ingrow Gone can reduce and eliminate ingrown hairs and razor burns.

Three fold function:

1- Remove ingrown hairs,

2- Prevent recurring ingrown hair

3 - Reduce rasor burns and bumps.

How to use:

1- After shaving or waxing face, legs, under arm and bikini line.

2 - If Ingrown hairs persist, use on the ingrown hair area.

Directions of Use:

To remove ingrown hairs: Apply mornings and evenings lotion to a cotton pad and rub gently on the affected areas.

To prevent ingrown hairs: apply to hair before removing it and apply twice a week to the affected areas.

Ingrow gone results from biomed

99% Natural

Clinically tested

Dermatologist tested

For sensitive skin

No parabens

No Phenoxyethanol

No Mineral Oil

No animal testing

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