ILove - Bubble Bath & Shower Cream - 500 ml

Products with vitamin complex to help moisture, natural extract, paraben free and pH balanced

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All the bubble bath & shower crèmes include an unique skin softening vitamin complex to help moisturise and keep skin soft and supple.

Oh and just for good luck we've added natural extracts of mango and papaya to help you feel refreshed.

Yippee! For the record our fabulous products are Soap Free, Paraben Free and pH Balanced.

I Love bubble and shower gel

Feel refreshed with a burst of juicy mango and succulent papaya.

Feel invigorated with a burst of yummy raspberry and delicious blackberry.

Feel scrumptious with a burst of fresh strawberries and smooth yummy cream.

Feel irresistible with a burst of sweet vanilla and rich creamy yumminess.

Feel exhilarated with a burst of zingy lime and zesty lemon.

Feel idyllic with a burst of sweet coconut and velvety cream.

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