Revitalash - Revitalash Advance  - Eyelash Conditioner- 2 ml

Revitalash - Revitalash Advance - Eyelash Conditioner- 2 ml

Revitalash Advanced, the eyelash conditioner for more beautiful natural eyelashes looking.

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A proprietary blend of functional cosmetic ingredients all of which contribute to the appearance of more beautiful lush natural eyelashes. RevitaLash Advanced Eyelash Conditioner utilises the power of peptides and soothing botanicals, designed to both condition and nourish eyelashes. Enhances the appearance of your lashes so they appear elegant, lush and luxurious.

Benefits :
- Has a patent pending formulation-unique in the eyelash conditioner market-place
- Does not require a prescription
- Won’t change the color of your eyes (Keep your blue eyes blue)
- Contains a thickening agent so it stays exactly where you apply it when used as directed
- No seeping onto the surface of the eye
- Can be applied to both your top and bottom lashes
- Is packaged with a unique brush for soft, subtle and simple application
- Contains a unique anti-microbial system that helps prevent the build-up of bacteria
- Only one applicator per tube is required
- Finished product is not tested on animals

Warning: before using Revitalash® Advanced, be sure the tamper-proof safety seal is intact. Do not get in eye. Rinse with water if eye contact occurs. If irritation develops with initial usage, reduce frequency of usage until the irritation resolves. If irritation persists or is excessive, discontinue use and consult your physician. Never apply Revitalash® Advanced in a moving vehicle. Do not touch your eye with the applicator. To safeguard Revitalash® Advanced purity always handle and use in a sanitary manner: do not share, do not dilute with water, saliva, or any other substance. Keep out of reach of children; cap tightly after use. If your eye or eyelid is scratched or injured, stop using all eye cosmetics, including Revitalash® Advanced and consult an eye doctor immediately.

Because this product has not been tested under all possible conditions, we recommend you not use Revitalash® Advanced if you are pregnant or nursing, currently taking cancer chemotherapy, or under the age of 18. If you are being treated for any ocular disorder or have had previous eye surgery (including cataract implant surgery), use Revitalash® Advanced under the supervision of your physician.

How to use it : It's recommended that you wash your hands and face with mild soap and water. Let face and eye area dry completely before application of RevitaLash ADVANCED Eyelash Conditioner.

Once-a-day, at bedtime: apply a thin line of RevitaLash Advanced Eyelash Conditioner to the base of your lashes, above the level of your skin.
(One brush stroke is sufficient to cover both the top and bottom eyelashes)
(Only a small quantity of RevitaLash Advanced Eyelash Conditioner is needed to beautify and promote the attractiveness of your natural lashes)
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