Miss Ferling

Miss Ferling - Magic Lip Balm - The Ribbon Of Satin

The only lip care AND make up balm! Turns pink once applied on the lips. A natural, elegant and comfortable finish.

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At the same time a makeup and skincare product, this colorless balm reacts as soon as it touches the lips: it dresses them in a nice pink - more or less intense, depending on the individual's natural pH, anbd the quantity applied.

The color gains depth with two or three applications. Its finish is long lasting ; it results in a delicate yet visible natural makeup, with no drying sensation.

Lips become again comfortably supple, nourished by the softening botanical ingredients: peony extract, rose and almond butters. A litchi-rose scent, with a touch of violet, makes this balm most delicious - the unique balm that takes care of the lips while making them more beautiful.

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