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Paul & Joe - Liquid Rouge Shine

The new Paul & Joe liquid Rouge Shine just arrived!

A lip-enveloping plumpness for shapely results combined with exceptionally juicy gloss and complexion-flattering color saturation.

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Delivers unprecedentedly superior gloss and rich color saturation for stunningly plump, shapely lips

Unprecedentedly superior gloss and rich color saturation deliver the look of juicy-colored, flawless lips endowed with exceptional plumpness and curvaceous beauty. The resulting high-gloss, highly color-saturated makeup layer has a generous thickness that also delivers shape-flattering benefits for beautiful lips with unrivaled presence capable of highlighting new aspects of the wearer’s unique beauty.

Exceptionally high gloss yet bleed-free and slip-free

Contains Shiny Gel, an original ingredient developed for unprecedentedly superior gloss*. A gel complex composed of multiple liquid and solid oils, Shiny Gel combines the two conflicting properties of high gloss and film-forming capacity. The resulting makeup layer has a generous thickness that contributes to exceptionally superior gloss*.
The built-in applicator features a central indentation designed to hold generous amounts of product for thick, streak-free coverage, delivering a voluminous, uniform result capable of beautifully reflecting light for impressive gloss.
Shiny Gel also contributes to feathering-free perfection right up to the contours of the lips. The product fits the lips seamlessly with slip-free, stress-free ease allowing highly accurate applications.

Highly saturated colors capable of complexion-flattering results

The product’s gel-matrix product base successfully locks generous amounts of pigment in a wax-based gel for exceptional color payoff. The product delivers a thick makeup layer with superior light-reflecting properties for results that are at once highly color-saturated, suggestive of translucency, and complexion-flattering.

Spreads smoothly for long-wearing gloss and vividness

Contains Light Touch Oil characterized by its light, smooth consistency. This makes the product viscous yet smooth and pleasant to apply.
Contains Shiny Gel with superior adhesion, and Iromochi Up Powder (lit. fade-resist powder). These ingredients make the resulting makeup layer exceptionally glossy, vivid and long-wearing. Also contains oils with water-holding properties, which form a moisturizing barrier over the lips to protect them from dryness.
Available in 8 shades

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