Paul & Joe Beaute

Paul & Joe - Gel Blush Spring 2021


For lustrous cheeks radiating happiness under the spring sunshine

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This Gel Blush adopts an almost 80% water-based gel formula for clear, lucent, juicy hues for the cheeks. Formulated to look brilliant under the soft spring sunshine, and highlight happy faces welcoming the long-awaited arrival of spring, the three limited colors for spring 2021 are perfect for picnics in warm, fair weather armed with hampers packed with wine and cheeses.

The product glides effortlessly over the skin with a pleasant cooling sensation, forming a thin, uniform veil of pigment for a flawless finish. It gives a natural glow that appears to emanate from within. A buildable blush, meaning the intensity of the pigment can be adjusted as desired.
The product airbrushes and conditions textural and tonal unevenness as well as pores for a uniform surface appearance.
The resulting lustrous and supple makeup layer resists settling in pores, and is resistant to creasing and perspiration, keeping the finish flawless for longer.
Available in 3 colours

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